Bach & Beer

I was lucky—I had good parents, good schools, food to eat, medical care when needed. But most of the world is not that lucky, and small sums—small to us—can mean a LOT to somebody in the Third World.

So I’m ending my days now by playing the Bach Suites for Unaccompanied Cello, at five PM in the Poet’s Passage in Old San Juan on Plaza de Armas (next to SuperMax).

Come, enjoy the atmosphere, drink a beer and throw your change in the hat. Better—throw some bills!

Here are the four charities: 

Against Malaria Foundation. Why? More than a million people die each year of malaria, 70% of them are kids under 5. A 3$ net can prevent the disease—and 100% of your money goes to the nets. Best of all, you can see where your nets are distributed.  Here’s the website:

Schistosomiasis Control Initiative. The initiative aims to control and then eliminate the parasitical disease schistosomiasis, which afflicts more than 400 million people in sub-Saharan Africa. Untreated, schistosomiasis leads to kidney, liver, and spleen damage; 76 cents will provide a dose of the drug needed to treat and cure. Here’s the website.

Deworm The World. 600 million kids around the world need to be dewormed; less than fifty cents is all it takes to treat one kid. This organization has treated 40 million children in 27 countries. Best, treating kids leads to significantly improved school attendance—a nice added benefit. Here’s the website.

Project Healthy Children. The project aims to confront malnutrition by food fortification, essentially supplying the vitamins that you and I take for granted. But a child goes blind every minute—80% of them because of vitamin deficiency. Zinc deficiency kills 800,000 children a year; Vitamin A deficiency kills 2.5 million children under age 5 every year. Here’s the website.

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